Working with Courtney

The Coaching Process Courtney will Guide You Through

As your personal coach, my purpose is to maximize your potential. Throughout life, we often receive support from multiple sources from parents to teachers to therapists. Personal growth often comes from a village of supporters. A personal coach can help you meet, and often exceed, your goals. As your coach I will provide you with proven strategies to customize a plan aligned with your values.
Is there some area of your life, be it personal or professional, that you’re looking to change? As your coach, we will work together to determine what course of action is essential to transform your dreams to reality. We will identify your goals, to ultimately create your vision. My coaching will incorporate powerful brainstorming. Oftentimes, we find ourselves feeling dissatisfied with life, it’s then when you’re able to recognize the benefits of a skilled professional who can frame a better life, healthier and successful.

The focus of my practice is life, wellness and career coaching.  We will work together to build a model and track your progress.  Success is never static; an individual always has potential to achieve more.  As your coach, I will take you to the next level. 

Surviving to Thriving Coaching Model

Designing Actions

During our coaching, an individual will create opportunities for ongoing success in work and real-life situations. These actions will lead you to unlock your strengths and values, allowing you to see the world in a different view. As your coach, I will help you break bad habits and design a plan by taking the following steps:

Planning and Goal Setting

At Surviving to Thriving, our coaching will provide individuals with the ability to develop and maintain an effective coaching plan by taking the following steps:

Managing Progress and Accountability

Surviving to Thriving Coaching will help individuals to hold attention on what is important and to leave responsibility with the individual to take action. Courtney will help individuals take action by taking the following steps:
Start your personal development journey by partnering with Courtney in a one-on-one coaching relationship. You will benefit from tools and techniques that will move you toward achieving your desired goals.

Here’s what you can expect from personal coaching:

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