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In our work creating critical competitive sales coaching program for top-performing organizations, Surviving to Thriving has identified the tools needed to improve sales performance, maximize productivity, and achieve revenue growth. Our sales program is a deep, broad, and effective solution that helps your sales team learn and apply those critical tools and behaviors in the field. The goal of Surviving to Thriving’s sales coaching program is to increase performance to help sales managers make the most of their organization’s resources – starting with their salespeople.

Leadership is about vision. It is about creating a better future for the organization. The first step in leadership is vision. The second step is empowerment. The third step is coaching. While all three of the steps are interrelated, the only step that pervades all three is coaching – that is how you will get better at the other two. As a sales manager or professional, your sales leadership is what makes each day better for your sales team. There are two ways to get better; work hard or change.

Through sales coaching, you will help your sales team see other possibilities and do things differently. You and your team are your organization’s most valuable assets. If you are not improving every day, your organization cannot benefit from your talents or remain competitive. Every organization and every sales professional have blind spots. Surviving to Thriving sales coaching program will turn those blind spots into perspective.

A unique blend of coaching and consulting that will help you increase leads and sales

Are you struggling with any of the
following issues?

• You’re not generating new leads.
• You’re attracting qualified prospects.
• You’re networking but you’re receiving results.
• You need to improve your branding and marketing but unsure of where to start.
• You’re have sales meetings, but you are not seeing a return.

The first step to fixing your sales problems is to diagnose the root causes. Once we pinpoint the areas holding you back, we will develop an action plan for improving your strategy, execution and results.


What to expect:

  • During your first session we’ll complete a 360 diagnostic review and create specific, measurable goals.
  • Next we’ll create a time-bound action plan to hit your sales targets.
  • You’ll then work Courtney Wilson, Surviving to Thriving Sales Coach three times per month in interactive, 60-minute coaching sessions.
  • You’ll leave each session with specific action items as well as fieldwork exercises.
  • The fieldwork exercises will lead you step-by-step to your desired outcomes.
  • To help keep you moving in between sessions, you’ll have access to your coach via email.
  • Coaching is delivered either at your office Greater Philadelphia Region, Surviving to Thriving office, or via web conference.

Courtney Wilson

Founder and Coach

Founder of Surviving to Thriving

With years of sales experience in various industries, Courtney Wilson is an expert in coaching and consulting practice that provides sales and business development support by increasing revenue in organizations. Surviving to Thriving’s aim is not only improving performance but overall satisfaction. Our program offers a comprehensive range of short and long-term training courses, team building activities, and one-on-one coaching needed for a positive well-being at work.

The ideas introduced and developed through sales coaching activities results to include in increase to improve performance, achieve revenue grown, and retain their salespeople. Our coaching efforts will help provide sales managers with the tools and technology to help plan sales strategies and prioritize and direct their team. Surviving to Thriving’s goal is create a how-to-sales coaching guide for sales manager but also raise awareness of the importance of sales coaching within the organization that could employ to raise the productivity and morale of its sales force. Every organization and every sales professional have blind spots. Let us help you shed light on yours…

Our offerings can available individually or as package based on the organization’s unique needs. If you are interested in learning more about corporate coaching services and other career and business building strategies or about the many ways your organization can successfully achieve their goals, please setup your free consultation with Surviving to Thriving Career Coaching. Our company welcomes the opportunity to partner with your, your team, and your organization to achieve your greatest goals.

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Courtney Wilson
Founder & Coach