Corporate Coaching

“Great leaders don’t set out to be leaders, they set out to make a difference.”

Surviving to Thriving Corporate Coaching

Our Impact

Increase in Leadership
Increase in Having
Courageous Conversations
Increase in Providing
Effective Feedback
Increase in Ability to
Develop Others
At Surviving to Thriving, we believe an engaged team is necessary for a thriving business. Your team is the foundation of your organization. They are the glue to maintaining your competitive advantage and helping bring your company’s mission to fruition. A team member’s experience, then, can significantly influence the long-term success of a company’s venture. Our powerful coaching model is used as the foundational framework for all of our coaching engagements. Our model ensures that we can meet individuals and organizations where they are and provide the support required every step of the way.

Corporate Coaching Model


Getting to understand the individual or organization


Creating self-awareness


Taking action


Make it a habit

Our Core Services

We empower your team to grow and thrive in new, innovative and engaging ways

One-on-One Coaching Services

Invest in your organizations future
Discover your purpose and strengths through one-on-one coaching. Surviving to Thriving specializes in cultivating leaders, helping individuals to shine amongst their competitors, and achieve their professional goals. Offering structured sessions via video call or in-person to help you discover your strengths, overcome mindset blocks, organize your job search, marketing yourself effectively, and address job specific challenges.

Leadership Development

Develop leaders of tomorrow
One on one leadership coaching is for high potential leaders who are moving your organization forward. Through a highly supported program, leaders get the attention and personalized support they need to achieve their goals. Through Surviving to Thriving leadership coaching, we will work with individuals, your supervisor, and other relevant stakeholders to ensure accountability, transparency, and measure progress along the way. Our coaching doesn’t end after a session. Our coach will be in constant communication with the individual and appropriate supervisors to ensure each individual understands their role and feels involved in the process without breaking confidentiality. Our leadership coaching follows our powerful corporate coaching model.

Business Development Coaching

Our coaching program is personalized to each individuals’ unique situation. Individuals may feel they do not have enough prospects converting, a compelling story to create prospects to act, or there is not a system in place to achieve sales results. Our coaching will help you create solutions for these challenges by expending your knowledge and confidence to take necessary steps, helping you stand out, holding you accountable for creating a marketing system, and give you a sense of control. During our coaching work, we will help you to develop a marketing strategy to succeed.

Corporate Wellness Coaching

Wellness Coaching will assist individuals in preparing to work, finding and keeping a job and thriving in a work environment. Individuals with Mental Health Disorders such as anxiety, depression or Substance Use Disorders have the opportunity to succeed in a professional setting. Having a Mental Health Disorder may pose practical barriers for professionals, such as having a productive work ethic, poor self-esteem, or struggling to perform if left unaddressed. Wellness coaching can help individuals to figure out strategies to work through these barriers and achieve success.

Organizational Culture + Health

Mapping new opportunities
A team is an organizations greatest asset. Are they thriving, engaged, challenged, and committed? Through a discovery process with Surviving to Thriving Coaching, we will review an organizations culture and health to develop a customized plan. Our corporate coaching will include conducting a review of the organizational culture’s strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities. Surviving to Thriving will create a custom motivation mapping for personnel and high priority hires to identify risks hindering performance. Our coaching process will include developing a roadmap to create a thriving organizational culture.

Our offerings can available individually or as package based on the organizations unique needs. If you are interested in learning more about corporate coaching services and other career and business building strategies or about the many ways your organization can successfully achieve their goals, please setup your free consultation with Surviving to Thriving Career Coaching. Our company welcomes the opportunity to partner with your, your team, and your organization to achieve your greatest goals.